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There are no hundred percent guarantee tips by which you could become a lotto millionaire. The selection of numbers in a lottery draw is random so the best you could do is you could only improve your chances or probability for winning. if by luck you grab the jackpot and you want to avoid sharing it with someone whose lottery number clashed with yours then always try to choose unusual numbers which are generally not selected by many players. Every country or state has their own rules and ways of selecting lottery jackpot numbers at 1bet2you.


Tips to increase the chance of winning

You can increase your chances of winning by spending on many tickets. However, this step does not guarantee you a hundred percent win and demands large investment. But if you have the capital to invest go ahead try your luck with this one.

Always double check your lucky tickets number because people are so excited and nervous that they don’t check numbers properly. To ensure your jackpot doesn’t miss out keep the record of date and time of drawing of lottery numbers. Some of the lottery tickets even offer you a second chance of drawing so never lose your ticket before and a few days after the lottery draw date. 

When the numbers are drawn for lottery draw it is chosen randomly and try covering the whole number span. For example, say if you are playing a lotto game which says you to choose numbers between 1-70 then you must always try to completely cover the whole number span. You could divide the whole into two equals of 35 the former one is the lower half and the later is the high half. Suppose you are asked to choose 5 numbers in the lottery to try choosing 2 numbers from one half and the other 3 from later one. This trick may work for you to win millions.

Another trick you could apply for winning is to omit a number series as this technique is often used by many lottery companies. Read the history of winning numbers of the company you are playing the lottery in. Then notice the patterns of missing series of numbers like sixty to seventy etc .by getting a vague idea of omitting number series you too could apply the same while choosing your numbers in a lottery ticket.
To ensure seventy percent probability of winning according to research always choose numbers whose sum will be in the mid of one hundred six to one hundred seventy-nine. So by getting this idea, you could choose numbers deliberately whose sum will result in the above-mentioned number.

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According to a survey after sixteen lakh eighty-nine thousand five hundred and thirty-four years one time won number in lottery ticket repeats itself. Thus for the people who choose from numbers which have already secured millions is a great waste of money as chances are no to a minimum.  



So to get millions for you and increase your odds of winning never copy numbers thinking it to be lucky as it proved for someone else. For this astrology says that every man’s stars are different, numbers which are magic for one could prove fatal for others.




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