The casinos are more and more numerous, and the cities devote themselves totally to this activity following the model of Vegas, but also that of Macao. Europe is rather spared from this phenomenon, even if Monaco acts as a games room for the millionaires and billionaires of globalization. This competition is done on “the always bigger and the always higher.” Even the anachronism of the shows of water fountains in Vegas, which are an environmental crime, is no longer enough, and we imagine that it will disappear once the Rio Grande is completely emptied. Today, the heart of the war for casinos is technology. For hard casinos, or online casinos, which sometimes have the same owners, it is no longer a question of

Casino apps and user experience

You are tracked and sometimes against your will. You are in Vegas, it is 9:30 p.m. or 10 p.m., and as you pass a casino restaurant, you can feel your smartphone vibrate against your thigh. A coupon and a reservation have just fallen on your phone, and it is enough of a click to validate it and take advantage of the promotion. For casinos, we are far, very far from a simple gadget. This is called “the consumer experience.” Technology makes it possible to optimize it and thus keep the customer “captive.” Casinos do it, but more surprisingly, it’s the same thing in stadiums. The problem is, of course, that some consumers have a strange tendency to ask questions. How does the casino restaurant know my number and also know that I’m passing in front of it? Simple. IT is enough to have installed the casino app or a bad configuration, and you will benefit, willy-nilly, from the improvement of your consumer experience. The GPS allows you to follow you and the little gadgets that casinos around the world will offer you are simply high-tech marketing tools. That being said, it is certain that some people like this kind of gadget and be assisted in their choices. What does this have to do with gambling? If you go to eat at the casino restaurant, you remain a casino customer; you can even pay with your chips. These tools made to simplify your life also allow you to optimize your services. You remain a casino customer; you can even pay with your chips. These tools made to simplify your life also allow you to optimize your services. You remain a client of the casino; you can even pay with your chips. These tools made to simplify your life also allow you to optimize your services.

Technology at the service of casino and player security

This is probably the point where casinos have made the most progress. We can say that the future is today. You should know that facial recognition technology is prohibited in France. On the other hand, in the USA or in Asia, casinos use it to locate cheaters and troublemakers. This system makes it possible to block unwanted people from the entrance to the casino, and even if they use pots and other subterfuges. The video surveillance system is ultra-sophisticated. It allows you to monitor the room and identify suspicious behavior using algorithms developed by specialists in casino security. This did not prevent a casino operator from being hacked because of a connected but not secure aquarium thermometer.

The other concern of casinos is money laundering, counterfeit money, and vouchers. Today, a casino is a real bank with the same ticket control system that uses number reading to check live, whether they have been reported as stolen. Vouchers, which are like a kind of exchange voucher, make it possible to avoid players walking around with cash. Again, this is a potential flaw that casinos have filled by printing them with thermal printers.

Online casinos are at the forefront of computer security because they are potentially the target of any hacker who wants to get their hands on it. Security is the basis of licenses which allow the casino to legally offer their offer. The encryption keys are those used by banks for exchanges and transfers. The games are monitored by algorithms that track suspicious behavior. A poker room succeeded in blocking a group of players who, during the tournaments, exchanged information on the hands which they had.

Anti-collusion software allows the online casino to detect cheating attempts in a remarkable way. The operation of this software is secret, but we also know that it is capable of detecting the use of calculation software. One wonders if online casino operators do not use artificial intelligence.

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